Make Meetings Easier For Your Business

Finding the right place to hold conference meetings with clients and other people important to your business can be hard; however this Manchester Conference Centre venue makes things easier for you. This centre has many different theatres and rooms you can hire, as well as equipment, to hold meetings. There’s also a hotel on sight if you want to stay over, there’s plenty of rooms to choose from including the executive suite. This suite has a nicely sized bedroom and bed, generous size bathroom and a sofa, if you want to relax or get any work done. The hotel also has many amenities which allow you to socialise with other people and get a drink with colleagues after work.


conference centre venueThe conference has free wifi for when you need to access things online or search for information. They have equipment which can be hired daily.  The meeting rooms can hold up to 200 delegates, its £25 a day per person; this is based on the 8 hour meeting package.  They have audio visual technology and fully trained AV technicians, so you don’t have to hire extra people and can save money. You can hire the AV technicians all day, as well as audio recording, a speaker prep room (green room), video streaming and live streaming.


The equipment available includes speakers, projectors and laptops; each can be hired daily for different prices. They have wireless microphones which can also be hired for £45 a day each. You can hire the conference or pioneer room too and the conference room induction loop. They have 4 screens available the smallest one is the 42” plasma and the biggest is the 72” 4K TV.  Other extra things available to hire include dedicated staff that are £12 an hour and have to be hired for a minimum of 4 hours, flip charts, poster boards and a teleconference phone.


There are different attractions nearby if you’re looking for something to do, there’s corner house cinema if you want to watch a film, museum if you fancy looking at history and warehouse project nightclub if you want to do; as well as so much more.


There have been many positive reviews about the conference centre, saying that the equipment was very useful and the staff was very helpful. One person said the wifi was great, the staff were very friendly and the food was nice. Overall the hotel has an average rating f 4 out of 5 stars from reviews.