Hired A Company To Put Green Oak Frames Up

I had always loved the look of green oak frames and always wanted to have this on my home. However, updating the look of my home and doing something like this wasn’t an option until recently. I had always dreamed of having a home with this framing and I was finally going to be able to make it happen. Before I hired just anyone to do the work for me, I wanted to make sure I was hiring the right contractor for the job. I searched around to see what I could find out.

I went online and searched for green oak frames in my city and state. I found a few contractors that did this work and they both had websites. I was excited to take a look at the work they had done in the past so I could get a better idea of what exactly I wanted done and how I wanted it done. I looked over their websites and the pictures of the work they did. I got some ideas of what I wanted to do with my home. I decided to call the contractors on the phone to ask some questions and see if they could give me a price estimate then, however they wanted to see my home in person before giving me a quote. I made appointments with both companies so I could see if their prices were comparable and what I was looking at spending to have it done.

After talking to both companies and explaining in person what type of framing I wanted, I was able to get quotes to compare from both of them. Their prices were around the same amount. I decided which company I was going to hire because I had found reviews about them online and they were pretty good ones.

The following week the company worked very hard to get the green oak frames installed on the outside of my home. I really love the way it looks and has really changed the entire look of my home. It was a great choice to have this done and I am so glad I was finally able to make it happen. I have received several compliments from family, friends and neighbors about my home and the new framing. I told them which company I hired to do the job so they could look into it too.