Deco Smart Ideas for children’s rooms

Decorating a child’s room can be a real puzzle! Before starting your work, make sure you have identified your needs in order to have an aesthetically pleasing result that will last over time. To achieve this, it is important to consider a few factors such as: the number of children who will use the room, how old is your child, which functions the room will have to fill (study corner, storage for equipment sports, space for DIY, etc.). Once you have determined what your needs are and you will feel attacked to start the project, you can follow these tips to help you in your decorating process! Ready to be inspired? Here are 10 Deco Smart ideas for children’s rooms that will not go out of style quickly!

  1. Prevent neutral colors on the walls

If your number one goal is to have a decoration that will last through the years, painting the walls in a neutral color is a key element. However, you do not have to paint them in white or light gray, but try to avoid the small pastel colors or those too screaming that could push you to want to repaint in a few years. Beautiful classic colors on the walls will allow you to have a virtually timeless backdrop and you can simply change the decorative accessories over time!

  1. Classical furniture

In order to obtain a decor that lasts over time, try to make some rather classic choices regarding furniture. Again, we favor neutral colors and simple shapes for the base and we add color through the accessories. Thus, when your child will grow up and want a little less “childish” decor, you will only have to change the duvet cover, the cushions or the small decorative accessories!

  1. Vintage elements

To add some character to your room, adding vintage elements or second-hand items can make all the difference! Whether it is a lamp that you found at an antique dealer or a piece of furniture that belonged to your great-aunt , this kind of accessories gives a lot of personality and originality to a space! Once again, you will be assured that these elements will be long-term winners!

  1. Easy care textiles

So that your room keeps its clean and tidy appearance as much as possible (which is not always easy with small tornadoes!), Opt for fabrics and materials that are easy to clean. A patterned carpet, high quality paint, lacquered furniture and machine washable curtains will be your best friends! This way, if the space gets dirty on a regular basis, you will be able to clean it easily and quickly without having to replace anything or pay any money!

  1. Accent wall

Painting the walls in a neutral color is a great way to create a decor that lasts through time, but if you want to add a little personality to your walls, you can still create an accent wall! Use self-adhesive vinyl or stencils to create a focal point that can set the tone for your room. The day you want to redecorate, you will have only one wall to edit instead of a whole room!

  1. Patterned accessories

The focal point of your room does not have to be a wall! You could quite get a Motfis rug or a quilted duvet cover ! Since these are relatively simple to interchange, you can really let go and make more colorful choices in terms of colors and patterns!

  1. A wacky touch

To make your space more fun and original, add a “surprise” element such as a hanging chair! Children (and adults) will love to snuggle in and this will energize the whole look of the room. WE love!

  1. Modular storage

So that the space remains organized despite the tons of toys, stuffed animals and boquins of your child, make sure you have plenty of storage! In this way, you (and your child) will be able to put the room away in the blink of an eye. Valuate multi-level modules if you want to keep items out of the reach of your child. Practical and safe!

  1. Creative wall decorations

What’s better than your child’s artwork to decorate the walls of his room? Create a beautiful art gallery by hanging empty frames to which you hook a thread and clothes pins. This way, you will be able to view his most recent drawings and even let your child choose which one he or she decides to display!

  1. Simplicity

Remember that your child’s room is primarily a place that should inspire relaxation and allow him to rest peacefully. A simple decor without too much visual distractions is also a nice way to arrange the space. As they say, less is more!