How to Store a Patio Umbrella for Winter

You’ll need patio shade sails only in the summer. However, when the summer winds are over, it’s time to put away the table covers and the patio furniture. The next thing to do is to put away your shade sails and patio umbrellas. Here are the steps you need if you want to store your patio umbrella for the winter.

Prepare Hose Water

Use hose water to fill a bucket or any container half-way. Soak in a rag inside the bucket. This will be used to clean out the patio umbrella or shade sail later. Make sure that there’s no particular chemical in the water that could damage the tensioned sail or patio shade sail. They may be made from strong fabric structures, but they may wear out fast with certain cleaning agents.

Detach the Umbrella from the Patio Table

Typically, the middle of the table has a hole into which the umbrella is inserted. Unscrew or pull it out from this hole. In case you’ve decided not to wash it out anymore, then make sure it’s stored dry and clean. Otherwise, mold and mildew may grow on it.

Get It Ready for Cleaning

Whether you have a patio umbrella or patio shade sails, place the pole on the ground or hold the fabric steady using one hand. Open its fabric part and saturate the outside part using a household cleaner. Make sure the household cleaner is really mild. You can see dirt streaks forming on the fabric as you let the solution penetrate the shade sail or the umbrella. Wipe the umbrella using the rag soaked earlier. Wipe in various sections from the center to the edges in a downward direction. Rinse the rag many times to squeeze the dirt off it.

Store the Umbrella or Shade Sail Correctly

Dry the shade sail or umbrella using a towel. Be thorough when wiping all the water off it. Don’t keep it yet when it’s still a little damp. Let it sit out in the air to let it completely dry before closing and storing it. Roll the umbrella up in plastic in order to encase it. Doing this will protect the umbrella from any mold or mildew in winter. After which, tape the plastic all around the umbrella starting from the plastic opening. Completely tape it four times down the patio umbrella’s entire length. Do this before you store it in watertight shed, garage, attic, or basement.

Some Final Words

If you wash your patio umbrella or patio shade sails with a strong cleaning agent, it could wear out fast. If you store it while it’s still wet or damp, it could suffer from mold or mildew attack. One more thing, choose the best umbrella or patio shade sails at If you buy something with high-quality, it adds to its durability during use and storage.